Graduate Studies

Fulbright award winner Amanda Eke, a senior with BA in gender, sexuality and women's studies

Graduate Programs in the College of Letters and Science

Our more than 1,500 graduate students at the College of Letters and Science are an essential driver for the college's strengths, conducting innovative research, leading creative programs and activities, and teaching undergraduates. Master's and doctoral degrees can be obtained in over 30 programs in the college. 

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Native American Studies Graduate Students Deepen Understanding Through Public Engagement

Sarah Biscarra Dilley and Vanessa Esquivido

For Sarah Biscarra Dilley and Vanessa Esquivido, community interaction is a critical part of academic work. In engaging with the public, fellow students and those who share their cultural heritage, they’ve come to better understand their own research and found strong personal motivations for scholarship.

The Ph.D. students in Native American Studies shared insights into recognition struggles and Indigenous visual culture, creativity and innovation at Roseville’s Maidu Museum and Historic Site October 2017.  

“Sometimes we’re in academia so much that we forget to connect back with other communities. It’s important to have an avenue open and encourage communication but to keep ourselves balanced as well,” Esquivido said. “For the talk, Sarah and I decided to share some of our personal narratives by interweaving them through our research.” Read more about Sarah and Vanessa.